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Power On Target.. Where It Counts



375 RAPTOR Loaded Ammunition

Black Collar Arms is adding 375 Raptor loaded ammo.  Be sure to keep an eye on


375 RAPTOR Brass

Black Collar Arms will be adding 375 Raptor Headstamped Brass.   Be sure to keep an eye on

375 RAPTOR Reloading Dies

CH 4D Dies

(740) 397-7214

CH4D makes a full selection of dies including trim dies for the Dillon Power Trimmer. 

March 25, 2019 – CH4RD has dies in stock as they just finished a production run of dies.   

Whidden Gun Works

(229) 686-1911

Whidden Gun Works produces match style dies on an individual order basis.  These are great if you want to use bushings to adjust for neck thickness and want a micrometer adjustable seating die. 

375 RAPTOR Reamers

JGS Precision Tool Mfg, LLC

(541) 267-4331 Sarah Siewell – Sales

Note – The 375 RAPTOR uses a standard LR308 barrel extension. 

.375 RAPTOR AR-10 / LR308 Finished Barrels

  • X-Caliber Barrels makes a complete range of 375 RAPTOR barrels from 10.75 inches up to 24 inches.

(406) 393-2610

.375 RAPTOR SAVAGE Model 10, Remington 700, Remington Model 7 Finished Barrels

  • X-Caliber Barrels

(406) 393-2610

.375 Caliber Barrel Blanks

  • X-Caliber Barrels

8 Twist 6 Groove and 10 Twist 5R Barrels

(406) 393-2610 

375 RAPTOR Special Barrels – Want to buy a barrel blank and have it chambered and fitted?

  • Scott Medesha

(480) 986-5876

375 RAPTOR Complete Uppers Built To Order, Fully Tested & Tuned

  • Scott Medesha

(480) 986-5876

375 RAPTOR Browning BLR Takedown Barrel Sets

The Browning BLR is considered the strongest lever action made and  Medesha Firearms now offers Browning BLR Takedown Barrel Sets and Browning BLR custom work that will let you have multiple quick change barrels on a Browning BLR Takedown ranging from 22-250 to the 375 RAPTOR and 45 RAPTOR.

Medesha Browning BLR Takedown 375 RAPTOR

  • Scott Medesha

(480) 986-5876

375 RAPTOR Chamber Gauges

  • Scott Medesha

(480) 986-5876

375 RAPTOR Muzzle Brakes

  • Scott Medesha

(480) 986-5876

375 RAPTOR Magazines –

They are very simple to do yourself, but if you want someone to modify magazines for you, Scott Medesha will modify PMAG’s in any capacity you supply.  

  • Scott Medesha

(480) 986-5876


375 RAPTOR Suppressors

Bowers Group – Mfg. of VERS 458 and VERS 9S (Be sure to specify you are using the 375 RAPTOR)

(503) 992-8697

Speciality Bullets – Brass and Copper

Maker Bullets makes multiple bullets especially for the 375 Raptor including a 400 grain Subsonic.


Power Case Trimmers

Giraud Tool Company (also makes a high volume annealing machine)

(281) 238-0844

Portable Reloading Presses – Load at the Range

Harrell’s Precision

(540) 380-2683

Powder Measurement / Weighing

RCBS Chargemaster

Available from Midway USA,  Natchez Shooting Supply and Graf & Sons


Shooting Chrony


(512) 284-8161

Lab Radar

(316) 866-2525

Note – We are happy to list companies that make 375 RAPTOR products at no charge.  However, we reserve the right to not list or remove any company who we learn is unresponsive to customers or has quality issues with their products.

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